About McConauchie Manor


Welcome, friends, to our corner of the country. We are Dr. David and Lynnette Mooth, local family practice/emergency physician, and homeschooling parents of our nine wonderful children. We own and operate our 120 acre McConauchie Manor Farm, focusing primarily on the production of high quality, nutritionally dense foods. Our emphasis on the sustainable farming of pasture raised livestock & poultry as well as wholesome fruit & produce continues to bless our family and the lives of those around us. Let us introduce you to those who are the backbone of this farm.


Our children take an active part in our farming endeavor, each aiding in the production of the various livestock and produce that we raise. They are an invaluable part of our business and our lives. We join with the psalmist in his expression – Blessed is the man who has his quiver full!


Maddy and Matt live in a nearby town. Maddy is our oldest child and enjoys making goat cheeses and soaps, grinding whole grains for her wonderful breads and dabbling in her own little garden. Matt takes care of just about everything on the farm! We grieve for the loss of their first-born son who was also our first grandchild. We are all grateful, however, that Matt and Maddy have blessed our family with the birth of their second son and a beautiful daughter. Having them on the farm brings life and fun.



John and April Rhiner and their 10 children are an invaluable part of our farm. April is Lynnette’s sister. John is a family counselor in Carlyle and has been our “Farmer John”, mowing our hay and tending our fields in years past. April and their children work in growing our luscious strawberries and managing the corn maze. While their oldest children are out of the house, they are still bustling and busy with the ones at home as they homeschool and help with various aspects of the farm.



Emily Munter is our director of sales and marketing, as well as our office manager. She lives with her son in the small town where she grew up. She enjoys being involved in her church and the local sports scene – Emily is a true soccer mom! She is also a certified teacher which comes in handy when school groups come out to the farm. Her background in marketing and corporate event planning helps us think big and continue to dream.



Rebecca King is our farm store manager and assistant office manager. She has a young daughter that enjoys “getting into everything” and wants to be on the farm as much as she can! Becky lives nearby and enjoys the short commute. When it comes to research, Becky is the one we turn to!


We are grateful for so many friends and associates who have aided and counseled us lately and in years past. We are most grateful for a marvelous Creator whose wisdom and generosity allow all His children to partake of the wonder and goodness he places before them for their joy, their growth, and for their good health. We constantly feel to praise Him for the part He daily gives to us.