Fresh, Mouthwatering Strawberries Each Spring


At McConauchies we grow our berries as naturally as possible. These thin skinned treasures easily absorb anything they are exposed to. We strive to keep them free of chemicals which we feel are hazardous to the health of our families and yours. You can enjoy our delicious strawberries on your dinner table or make up berry preserves. We compare them to those arriving from California and Florida at your local grocery but without all the harmful chemicals, and far better tasting since they are grown locally & picked fresh daily.

Come get them pre-picked at the farm in our on-site store, pick them yourself in our U-pick patch, or find us in our local farm stands and at farmers’ markets around the bi-state area!




These luscious strawberries are grown in our fields in plastic covered raised beds each fall and are protected through winter with special blankets, allowing us to sell early spring berries, ready several weeks before traditional matted row strawberry farms begin their harvesting.  We are currently growing California variety strawberries including Albion, CamaRosa, San Andreas, and Chandler.  

Don’t believe they are sweeter than any other berry you’ve had locally?  One customer recently told us he was excited for this year’s crop because he is diabetic and he can eat our berries without any additional sugar!  You really won’t believe it until you try them!